Menu Groucho's

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Jamón país (cured white ham)
Jamón ibérico (cured black ham)
Salchichón (salted sausage)
Chorizo ibérico (cured red sausage)
Lomo adobado (cured pork loin)
Manchego semi (cured cheese)
Manchego seco (very old cheese)
Tuna fish
Escalivada (catalan grilled vegetables)
Escalivada with anchoves

Paellas, rice dishes and fideuas

Paella with vegetables
Paella with meat
Paella mixta (with fish and meat)
Paella with seafood
Paella with lobstar
Rice with crab
Rice with chile/meat and frijoles (hot)
Black rice
Watery rice with lobster
Fideuà (noddles in a pan)
Fideuà negra (black noodles with sipia)
Fideua con bogavante (noddles with lobster)

Fish and seafood specialities

 Special soupy dish or grilled:
– Lobster
– Little crab
– Big crab
– White fish
All dishes come with mussels, clams, prawns and potatoes


Chicken soup (only during winter)
Gazpacho (vegetables cold soup)(only in summer)

Meat and combined dishes

Traditional beek steak
Quality pork loin
Chicken kebab
T-bone steak
T-bone steak with cafe of Paris sauce
T-bone steak with roquefort sauce


Mojito Sorbet
Margarita Sorbet
Tequila cream
Coconut and mango mousse
Fruits cake (with scoop of ice cream)
Cajeta (home cream caramel)
Muerte por chocolate (for the chocoaddicts)
Home made truffles with tequila
Coconut and mango mousse
Crepes (toffee ot chocolat)
Haagen Dazs ice cream

Coffees and teas

Groucho’s coffee (with marc de cava, ratafia and cream)
Mexicàn coffee (with cinnamon, tequila and cream)
Irish coffee (with whisky and cream)
House digestive (mix of digestive herbs)